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source: The Botswana Gazette
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 16:46

The Ministry of Lands and Housing has moved quickly to stop change of land use in villages around Gaborone because of the feverish buying of communal land by people who have ready cash, and to enable government to achieve planned development, according to the Minister, Mr. Nonofo Molefhi. He said there have been complaints that arable agricultural land – masimo – was fast being converted to residential and commercial plots.

‘This decision will ensure that masimo are not converted,” he said. Areas such as Oodi, Matebele, Rasesa, Morwa, Tlokweng, Ramotswa, Mmopane, Metsimotlhabe, Gakutlo, and Molepolole, among others, attract prospective land buyers because of their proximity to the capital. Village leaders and politicians from these areas had expressed at the rate at which land was being acquired from residents, sometimes at very low prices. “Some of those who sold the land are yet to see the money,’ said the Minister.

The communities had also complained [continue reading]

source: IOL
By Political Staff
29 March 2009

Jacob Zuma is off the hook and is now set for a smooth run at the presidency.

The dramatic turnabout is a result of secret evidence said to point to blatant executive and outside interference in the work of the National Prosecuting Authority.

This “Mbekigate” evidence is said to be so explosive it would be neither wise nor viable to prosecute the ANC leader, who has long argued he is the victim of political conspiracy.

The evidence in the possession of Zuma’s legal team means acting prosecutions boss Mokotedi Mpshe is expected to bite the bullet and drop the charges against Zuma within days, a decision which will be processed by KwaZulu-Natal Judge President Vuka Tshabalala. Those close to the NPA are “very positive” Mpshe will make a decision after consulting his lieutenants on Monday.

The political fallout from the Mbekigate scandal for several former top politicians and key state officials is likely to be immense. These include former president Thabo Mbeki, his confidantes [continue reading]

source: Al Jazeera
27 March 2009

Jacob Zuma, the leader of South Africa’s ruling party, has criticised Western nations for withholding aid to Zimbabwe as part of an effort to pressure Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, to enact reforms.

“This is very unfair to the Zimbabwean people because Mugabe … is a factor. He is there. He leads a party that has been in government for over 20 years,” Zuma told the Reuters news agency in an interview on Friday.

“When there was an election, it is not as if not a single human being voted for Mugabe in Zimbabwe … he has a sizeable support.”

Western donors have been hesitant to provide aid packages to help repair Zimbabwe’s battered economy while Mugabe, whom many international leaders accuse of violating human rights, remains head of state.

Donors have made clear they will only provide a large aid package once Zimbabwe’s new unity government meets key conditions, including [continue reading]