Ambassador McGee says sanctions on Zimbabwe to remain

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
24 March 2009

United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee has warned that targeted sanctions imposed by his government, will not be removed until there is a clear sign that things have changed, especially on the human rights front.

Despite the power sharing agreement, violent disturbances and invasions continue on commercial farms and political detainees remain imprisoned.

The U.S Ambassador said: “There is no reason and no way the United States is going to lift sanctions anytime soon against Zimbabwe, without some very, very clear indication that the country’s new unity government is moving in the right direction.”

The United States has imposed targeted sanctions on individuals and parastatals, and in an interview with an American government website McGee said “they are there for a reason because certain people and entities have been using the country for their own enrichment.”

The diplomat said that a lasting and peaceful solution to [continue reading]

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