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Diamond plan intact

source: BOPA
19 March, 2009

SEROWE – Botswana is pressing ahead with its quest to be a diamond cutting and polishing centre despite the current crushing economic meltdown.

“In the medium to short term, there is going to be a delay in our efforts with not much financial activity in the global diamond industry,” deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Jacob Thamage said this week.

“The moment there is a revival in the international financial activity, we are likely to see our efforts of making the country a diamond centre bearing fruits,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Kedikilwe told a full session of the Central District Council (CDC) that consultations were underway to find best ways to deal with effects of the financial crisis on Batswana.

The aim was to document the impact on the nation and [continue reading]

source: ZimNews
author/source:New York Times
published:Thu 19-Mar-2009
posted on this site:Sat 21-Mar-2009
By Celia W Dugger

Harare – On his first day as education minister in a government so broke that most schools were closed and millions of children idle, David Coltart said he got a startling invitation. “Come and get your brand-new white Mercedes,” an official told Mr. Coltart, a veteran opposition politician, as President Robert Mugabe peered down from a portrait on the minister’s office wall. The offer of an E-Class Mercedes to every minister in the month-old power-sharing government was vintage Mugabe, an effort to seduce his political enemies with the lavish perks he has long bestowed on loyalists. Mr. Coltart said no thanks. Opposition members like Mr. Coltart who joined Mr. Mugabe in office last month have already achieved some successes, like getting teachers back to work and winning the release of some political prisoners. But many of them warned in interviews that the progress would be short-lived if Western nations, meeting Friday in Washington to discuss expanding assistance, did not extend billions of dollars to rebuild Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s main donors of emergency medical and food aid – the United States, Britain and other European nations – face a [continue reading]

source: BOPA
19 March, 2009

KASANE – Government is committed to developing the police service, says army commander, Lt Gen. Tebogo Masire.

Lt Gen. Masire, who was officiating at the opening of Kachikau police station, said over the years, the budget and manpower holding for the police have been increasing.

“During the life of this plan period, the following facilities were completed and handed for use by the police, Tonota, Machaneng, Serule, Rakops, Dibete, Middlepits, Tshesebe, Charleshill, Sehitwa and Kachikau police station,” he said adding that all have housing components.

He said the ratio of policemen to citizens is still high adding that it burdens police officers. “This acute shortage of manpower negatively impacts on productivity and efficiency. There is no room for [continue reading]