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source: ASNS
Written by ASNS in Botswana
Sunday, 15 March 2009

Planned cooperation between Botswana and Namibia in telecommunications and postal services sub sectors are at advanced stage.

The two are exploring possible areas of cooperation to advance services to the citizens of the two countries.

Botswana’s Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology/ICT, Mabua Mabua is quoted talking to the government press agency that the telecommunications sector discussions sought to secure connectivity through different access points.

Mabua said currently communication between the two countries is channeled through the Mamuno border post and the Ngoma bridge border but the envisaged plan is to increase such points to effect efficient quality service.

Mabua also indicated that the meeting deliberated on collaboration for onward connectivity. He said that under the postal services sector, the meeting was the 1st of its kind to deliberate on this sector as they now feel it is time to establish direct links with Namibia.

Mabua said they are exploring possibilities of [continue reading]

source: International Herald Tribune
By Barry Bearak
Published: March 11, 2009

JOHANNESBURG: If all goes as expected, South Africa will soon be led by a president who is also the defendant in a criminal case, a man accused of fraud and racketeering, legally empowered to select officials who could either drop his prosecution or push it forward.

However one feels about the presumptive next president, Jacob Zuma – and most of the feelings here align toward extremes – his ascension to the top job will test the rule of law in a country often regarded as the democratic anchor of the continent.

Virtually every South African has long wondered what would happen if or when a Zuma prosecution and a Zuma presidency meet at the crossroads. Ticklish days lie ahead.

“It’s hard to see a solution that doesn’t somehow weaken our institutions, not only in the eyes of the country but in the eyes of the world,” said Adam Habib, a political analyst.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for April 22, and the [continue reading]