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source: BOPA
11 March, 2009

MAHALAPYE – The Ministry of Local Government has established 78 customer service standards aimed at improving service delivery to ensure effective assessment, measurement and completion of deliverables.

Speaking at kgotla meetings at Taupye, Palla-road, Mokgenene, Poloka and Machaneng, the Assistant Minister of Local Government, Mr Ambrose Masalila said the standards are meant to ensure delivery of specific or defined services.

Mr Masalila said the standards form the basis upon which customers assess service delivery by his ministry.

He said the service standards would help the local government staff to adhere to the time frames set by the ministry for respective services to be delivered.

The first customer service standard under clinical and health services state that a client should wait for two hours, which is the time when the client enters the [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
11 March 2009

On Wednesday thousands of people converged on the rural home of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera, to bury his beloved wife Susan. The horror car crash last Friday claimed the life of a woman who was adored by all for her kindness, humility and support, especially to victims of political violence who sought comfort at their home. It was no surprise that the Tsvangirai homestead was turned into a sea of humanity, with red and white MDC insignia dominating the scene. Thousands made the journey using buses and cars, while many walked miles to the area. The couples 6 children were all present in the village of Manikwa in Buhera.

Diplomats from several countries, including Botswana, Swaziland, Kenya and South Africa were also present at the burial. Robert Mugabe did not attend, having made an appearance at Tsvangirai’s hospital bed last Friday and having attended the funeral service Tuesday.

Our correspondent Simon Muchemwa said on Tuesday over 20 000 people were already waiting in Buhera to mourn with the family during [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

SELEBI-PHIKWE: Butchery owners here have strongly condemned the town council (SPTC) for lack of proper consultation.

This follows the council’s decision to temporarily close down its abattoir because it does not meet the set hygienic standards. The abattoir will be closed for 20 days starting Monday.

During a meeting last Friday, Town Clerk, Kutlwano Matenge stated that the temporary closure is necessary for maintenance to be done in order to meet the required hygienic standards as per the Livestock and Meat Industries Act of 2007.

He added that the exercise is important because if council does not comply, it will not be given a license to operate the abattoir by the Ministry of Agriculture. “The council has failed to live up to the requirement of the Act because of shortage of funds but we are currently working on it”.

The council has been operating with a [continue reading]

Republic of Botswana (10/3/09): TAUTONA TIMES no 6 of 2009 The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President “Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline”

C4) 4/3/09: Press Statement by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) to allegations published in the 3-3-09 edition of the Mmegi.

As a public body the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) is mindful of its obligation to serve the public as a whole.

We are thus anxious to avoid the appearance of engaging in any action that might be construed as being somehow partisan in nature. In this respect it is certainly not our intention to be drawn into a debate with any politician or political organisation in our country.

In the interest of accountability we, nonetheless, do feel that we have a responsibility to express our concern at remarks that were attributed in the 3/3/09 edition of the Mmegi newspaper to the leader of one of the opposition parties. In the article, it is reported of the said political personality that, at a [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
11 March 2009

Supreme Court Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku has upheld a High Court decision, granting Roy Bennett bail. The decision was made on Wednesday after the judge had heard arguments from both the prosecution and defence teams the previous day.

The State had appealed in the Supreme Court against the granting of bail to the MDC Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, saying he was a flight risk. Prosecutors had also recommended tighter bail conditions if the judge decided to rule against their appeal.

The Chief Justice ruled against the state prosecutors saying they had no grounds to oppose a previous High Court ruling ordering Bennett’s release.

However, Justice Chidyausiku increased the bail payment from US$2000 to US$5000, ordered Bennett to surrender title deeds and report to the police three times a week. The State had wanted him to [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

FRANCISTOWN: A top official of the Associated Fund Administrators (AFA), said here last Friday that the global economic and financial crises have hit the Pula Medical Aid Fund.

AFA’s Deputy Managing Director, Rose Tatedi, was speaking at the official launch of the Francistown branch of the Pula Medical Aid Fund at Marang Hotel where she said the closing down of certain mines would affect them even more.

AFA are the administrators of both the Pula Medical Aid Fund and Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) whose official launch here was performed recently.

The two medical aid schemes in the AFA stable have been operating from Autolot House on Bluejacket Street for about a year now.

“About 67 percent of the Pula Medical Aid Fund’s membership is [continue reading]