BMC tannery struggles to find buyer

source: BOPA
02 March, 2009

LOBATSE – Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) Marketing Manager Mr Sanie Molapisi says they are now exploring other alternatives for use of the tannery as it struggles to find a buyer.

The tannery is struggling to attract buyers following the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report which proposed that it should be relocated to a suitable site in the long term, which the report says would enable the tannery to carry out its activities without being a nuisance to neighbouring properties and where the necessary waste water treatment site and disposal can be accommodated on the same site.

However Mr Molapisi said in an interview that to avoid relocation, they have established that there other tanning processing or technologies that would not necessarily have a negative impact on the environment when adopted, adding that in view of the alternatives explored, the BMC may end up operating the tannery.

He noted that currently the tannery is just ‘sitting there’ with its operations limited to salting and storage.

Mr Molapisi said in the past, the tannery engaged in [continue reading]

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