Zimbabwe: Mugabe Must Go

source: allAfrica
Business Day (Johannesburg)
2 March 2009

Johannesburg — IT IS way too early to give Zimbabwe any money. Aid, yes. Zimbabweans are sick and hungry and they need help. If that country’s thuggish president and his party could be persuaded to allow foreign aid agencies in to help feed and treat his citizens that would be wonderful.

In all probability though, he would try to use his people’s plight to blackmail the rest of the world into financing him out of the jam he has created for himself.

A Southern African Development Community (SADC) committee heard at the weekend that Zimbabwe needs $2bn now to stabilise its economy. Details are thin on the ground and “stabilisation” may simply mean paying the salaries of restive soldiers or public servants. It would not be money well spent.

An SADC extraordinary summit is [continue reading]

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