Our Trains Are Death-traps – Deputy PS

source: Mmegi
Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe
Staff Writer

Botswana Railways (BR) passenger trains are in such a poor state of disrepair tragedy could strike any time, it has emerged.

This revelation comes just days before curtains are set fall on the passenger train service.

The service will be terminated on April Fools’ Day, Ministry of Works and Transport deputy permanent secretary Lewis Malikongwa announced at a press briefing held at the corpration’s Gaborone offices on Friday.

Malikongwa was accompanied by BR management chiefs when he narrated how over the years passengers’ lives have been in danger because the trains have not been serviced for the last 15 years for lack funds. Malikongwa says according to the planned maintenance programme, the coaches were to be overhauled at 500, 000km or every five years.

“The overhaul is ideally meant to address issues of wear and tear and safety critical components to [continue reading]

Standay Standard (2 March, 2009): Botswana Railways passengers lucky to be alive and well

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