Botswana Railways passengers lucky to be alive and well

source: Standay Standard
by Kagiso Madibana
01.03.2009 9:50:47 A

Botswana Railways passengers should count themselves lucky that they are alive and well after traveling in a death trap for 15 years.

The Botswana Railways (BR), which has been neglecting safety procedures, has been exposing its passengers to accident risks for more than 10 years.
The planned maintenance of the company’s fleet was that its coaches were to be serviced after 500 000 kms or every 5 years, which ever was to occur first.

The servicing was ideally intended to address issues arising out of wear and tear and safety-critical components to ensure that the coaches were in good order.

Information given to the Sunday Standard reveals that BR has never once serviced its passenger coaches over the past 15 years when the fleet was introduced to the market as passenger trains between 1991 and 1993.
Failure to service the fleet did not guarantee operators or passengers’ safety as BR could not warrant the reliability of the two passenger trains.

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