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source: Mmegi
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Petra Diamonds, a mining company that also owns Sekaka, which discovered diamonds at Unit 8 in Jwaneng, says they got the rights for prospecting in 2007.

Jwaneng council authorities are wondering when the company acquired the rights after the town council there spent P65 million servicing Unit 8 for the Botswana Housing Corporation to build houses there.

The three Ministries of Local Government, Lands and Housing, and Minerals, Energy and Water Affairs, as well as the Jwaneng Town council are currently engaged in a war of words as each seeks answers from the other about how the [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
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FRANCISTOWN: Major General, Pius Mokgware who is responsible for the ongoing wellness exercise has warned people and the media to stop thinking that the operation is being held in this part of the country because of the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Mokgware was speaking at a BDF wellness day held in Tonota yesterday as part of community responsibility by the BDF.

He said that it is important for people to understand that this exercise was planned a long time ago.

“The exercise was planned two years ago for it to be in this part of the country and by that time we did not even know that they would be problems in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mokgware said that they are trying to sensitise people in villages that are affected by [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
13 February 2009

On the day the controversial power sharing government was supposed to be sworn in, Roy Bennett, the MDC Treasurer General and Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, was arrested. Not a good start to the new government.

Furthermore the Mugabe regime did this under the full gaze of SADC, as the SADC chairman and South African President Kgalema Motlanthe was in Harare when the MDC official was arrested.

The MDC Secretary of Welfare, Kerry Kay, said Bennett was arrested at the Charles Prince Airport, just outside Harare. Kay said he was on his way to South Africa to visit his family and was due to return next week in time for the swearing in of Deputy Ministers.

Additionally she said a warrant of arrest had been issued for her husband, Ian Kay, who is the MDC MP for Marondera, plus another one for election expert Topper Whitehead. It is not clear why these [continue reading]

13 February 2009

South Africa has been placed second only to the UK on the Open Budget Index, an international measure of public spending transparency.

The survey is directed by the International Budget Partnership, based in Washington DC, and is conducted by independent civil society organisations in the participating countries. The Institute for Democracy in SA (Idasa) is the index’s partner in South Africa.

According to Idasa, the index is a comprehensive survey of 85 countries that evaluates whether governments give the public access to sufficient, reliable budget information and opportunities to participate in the budget process and hold their governments accountable.

Access to information

Idasa economic governance programme head Russell Wildeman explained that transparency in budget decision-making meant that citizens had access to information about how much [continue reading]