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source: Standay Standard
by Rueben Pitse
02.02.2009 8:50:05 A

Scores of suspected Al Qaeda terrorists are in police cells awaiting deportation to their home countries, while several others are being investigated for money laundering and trying to establish a sleeper cell in Botswana – highly classified information passed to the Sunday Standard has revealed.

Sleeper cells are groups of terrorists who are already in place and ready to act, as opposed to hit squads, which are infiltrated into the target country shortly before an attack. Sleeper cells are trained and ready to carry out attacks at a designated time and place. According to some, the teams assembled in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam before attacks on American Embassies there were classic al-Qaeda sleeper cells. Sleeper cells are loosely organized, and blend into communities easier through legitimate employment.

Most Al Qaeda agents in Botswana are believed to have used the country’s boom in imported second hand cars as a cover.

Security agents are understood to be investigating a number of [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

Gaborone-based computer reseller Davekom Investments has openly condemned software piracy and says that piracy is rife amongst local IT resellers – particularly those selling hardware and software to end users.”

Most of the software piracy that goes on is perpetuated by technicians in computer workshops – often without management’s knowledge,” says David Mugambi, managing director of Davekom Investments.

“They often collude with customers – pre-loading unlicensed copies of Microsoft Windows or Office on new computers to avoid having to pay the full price for legally licensed software,” he says.

Davekom Investments serves as an example of how companies in Botswana are turning their backs on software piracy and [continue reading]

source: allAfrica
BuaNews (Tshwane)
Bathandwa Mbola
2 February 2009

Addis Ababa — The African Union (AU) has elected Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as the new AU Chairman to head the continental organisation.

According to AU spokesman Habiba Mejri-Sheikh, President Gaddafi’s election occurred in a closed-door session at the AU Summit on Monday.

The Libyan leader, who will be chair for a year, has replaced Tanzanian President, Jakaya Kikwete.

As part of its principle of geographical rotation, the leadership of the AU had to go to a North African country, said Mr Mejri-Sheikh.

Mr Gaddafi is a staunch supporter of a union government for Africa, a project which has so far met with a great deal of resistance from many of the [continue reading]

By Avi Krawitz Posted: 02/02/09 05:52

RAPAPORT… Petra Diamonds said Monday that its vastly reduced exploration budget will focus on its projects in Botswana. The company completed a strategic review of its exploration portfolio initiated in December, when it announced that due to weakness in the diamond market it would cut its 2009 exploration budget by 80 percent to $5 million.

Results from the review showed the company has scaled back its Botswana program by reducing its budget to $500,000 through to June 2009. Thereafter Petra has earmarked $500,000 per year for the Kalahari Diamonds operation, “the only group exploration spend going forward,” the company said.

“Botswana still offers an exceptional basis for exploration in [continue reading]

source: allAfrica
BuaNews (Tshwane)
Bathandwa Mbola
2 February 2009

Addis Ababa — UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon has called on the international community to take into account the needs of Africa’s poorest countries.

Addressing the opening of the 12th ordinary summit of Heads of State and Government on Monday, Mr Ban said aid for Africa was crucial and would lead to growth, trade and financial flows as well as the fight against poverty.

“It is the healthy, well-nourished and educated people who will drive development and prosperity on this continent.”

The summit’s main agenda, he said, was to find ways to boost Africa’s energy and transport networks, adding that efforts would be focused on specific projects, which constitute the core of concerns and the daily aspiration of Africa’s people.

He said Africa needed good roads, schools and [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
02 January 2009

The MDC led by founding President Morgan Tsvangirai has moved to reassure sceptical supporters that it will not be held ‘prisoner’ in a government of national unity with ZANU PF. Speaking to Newsreel on Monday, party spokesman Nelson Chamisa said if for any reason the deal failed to work they would have no hesitation in walking out, ‘even if it meant in the next hour, tonight or tomorrow.’ Chamisa refused to be drawn into whether they would walk out of the deal if some of their National Council demands were not met by the 11th of February when Tsvangirai is due to be sworn in as Prime Minister. He told us some of the issues were already ‘work in progress.’

In a statement released soon after the vote to join the government the MDC National Council insisted on a resolution covering all outstanding issues. These were listed as: the drafting of legislation spelling out the role of the newly created National Security Council; the appointment of provincial governors; the equitable distribution of ministerial portfolios, and for all political prisoners to be released. A constitutional amendment giving legal life to the deal is expected to be introduced in parliament on [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Onalenna Modikwa
Staff Writer

PALAPYE: Employees of the newly opened DiamonEx diamond mine in Lerala petitioned the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Ponatshego Kedikilwe on Friday saying that the mine was closed because of incompetence and not the world economic crisis.

The employees said the managers of the company are responsible for the closure of the mine through mismanagement.

They said DiamonEx board of directors should not hide behind the world economic crisis because they know that poor management caused the mine to close.

They added that the managers have indicated that they plan to retrench employees in a bid to reduce the running costs on the pretext that they have incurred a lot of debts with their partner company, Strata Mining. They indicated that at some point, they were told the mine has ceased operations because Strata Mining is owed money.

According to the petition, employees have not been going to [continue reading]

By Avi Krawitz Posted: 02/02/09 09:06
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RAPAPORT… Diamonex reported Monday that it recovered 42,993 carats of diamonds from its Lerala Diamond Mine in Botswana during the quarter ending December 31, 2009. The Australia-based company posted revenues of AUD 284,591 ($179,202) for the period, mainly from the first tender of diamonds from Lerala held in November. Diamonex sold 10,612 carats for a “disappointing” $20 per carat, the company said at the time.

“[The] directors believe this price is an anomaly which is significantly below the longer term value of Lerala diamonds,” Diamonex explained in a trading update on Monday. In the short term, however, the company said it expects prices to remain uncertain due to the global credit crisis.

The weak market conditions have forced Diamonex to [continue reading]