Food and clothes in high demand

source: BOPA
22 December, 2008

GABORONE – Food and clothes stores in and around the capital city appear to be making brisk business, while others stores are experiencing the opposite.

A snap survey by BOPA to determine how businesses are doing this festive season found that chain stores appear unaffected by the financial crunch, while the same can not be said about other stores.

The general observation was that chain stores seem to be performing well despite high prices of food, while sport, music and other outlets of non essential products are experiencing low sales.

The store manager of Musica, Ms Ompeile said her store is going through a lean period of low sales this festive season.

She observed that most people are not interested in luxury items this year compared to last year.

“I used to order stock after every three days but now I can go for weeks without making orders simply because people are not buying.” When asked about how she is planning to [continue reading]

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