Zimbabwe: Information Minister blames Britain for cholera, as crisis worsens

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
15 December 2008

As Zimbabwe’s deadly cholera outbreak continues to claim countless lives across the country, and also continues to spread across the Southern African region, an ally of Robert Mugabe has piled the blame of the epidemic on the British.

The death toll as a result of the disease officially reached 783 last week, but daily reports indicate that the number is not only rising by the day, but is also far higher than official reports have made out. The actual death toll is widely believed to be closer to 3000, but with only a tiny majority of sick people receiving treatment at the handful of operating facilities across the country, there is no way of knowing the full extent of the disease.

At the same time, as hundreds of sick Zimbabweans continue to flee across the borders in a desperate attempt to receive treatment, authorities in Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries are now also [continue reading]

Zimbabwe: Britain blamed for cholera outbreak
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