Media bill passes amid protest

source: BOPA
15 December, 2008

PARLIAMENT – Parliament last week adopted the Media Practitioners Bill after opposition legislators walked out walked out in protest.

Announcing the walk out, Mr Otsweletse Moupo who is leader of the opposition said the BDP had monopolised the bill by excluding them at caucus and blocking debate during second reading in Parliament.

When the bill was up for debate in Parliament last week, Mogoditshane MP Mr Patrick Masimolole immediately proposed that no debate should ensue and all BDP MPs supported him.

The BDP has 51 MPs in Parliament while the opposition only has 11.

“It would be difficult for us to stay during the committee stage of this bill after we have been excluded throughout all previous stages,” said Mr Moupo.

The bill in total has 39 clauses most of which are queried by the media on the basis that they are too repressive and will prevent free flow of information.

Last Thursday, Minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi moved 18 amendments which were dispensed in 25 minutes while prior to [continue reading]

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