Francistown in cholera alert

source: BOPA
15 December, 2008

FRANCISTOWN – The City of Francistown is on high alert following the outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe.

The city’s Environmental Division recently wrote to all food outlets in the city advising them of precautionary measures they need to prevent the diases from spreading.

Food handling has been cited as one of the ways that can easily spread the deadly disease. Recently two cases of cholera were reported in Francistown.

The acting Principal Environmental Officer, Mr Letso Leselamose, said in an interview that due to the outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe they have found it fit to advise food outlets to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption and to stop the sale of salads. He said food outlets must also pre-pack foods that are supposed to be pre-packed to prevent cross contamination from [continue reading]

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