Khama trip to the USA cost over P1.25 million

source: Standay Standard
13.12.2008 3:21:55 P

Responding to a question in parliament, the minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Daniel Kwelagobe, revealed that the total amount of money spent by President Khama and his entourage to attend the meeting of the Board of Conservation International in the United States of America was an astounding P1 361 321.44.
Breaking it down, Kwelagobe indicated that P342 756.59 was used for diem payments while P898 174.00 was for aviation fuel.

The other remaining monies, including landing fees, catering and handling charges shot up to P89 277.25 while air tickets used up P31 113.60.
The revelation comes amid growing economic uncertainties currently weighing heavily against world economies, with Botswana now [continue reading]

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