Master plan highlights university vision

source: BOPA
08 December, 2008

GABORONE – The University of Botswana (UB) has launched its 2009 master plan which shows the development of the physical layout of the campus until 2020.

Outlining the plan, the university’s director of institutional planning, Dr Michael Gregory said the master plan would provide the university with an inspiring vision.

He said it was designed to highlight the university’s vision which is “to be a leading centre of academic excellence in Africa and the world.” Dr Gregory noted that in addition to planning for an enrollment of 16 000 students by 2016 and 20 000 by 2020, the master plan also addressed the need to improve the layout of the campus and to ensure that strong environmental standards are in place.

In that regard, the plan also included the creation of a botanical garden, a research centre as well as an integrated landscaping strategy to beautify the campus.

He said the plan would also include a new multi-purpose hall, academic buildings, student housing, refectory and a central campus plaza. Dr Gregory said the students residential buildings will increase to 7 500 units by [continue reading]

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