Zimbabwe: No water for Zanu PF conference

source: The Standard
Monday, 08 December 2008 13:18

BINDURA University of Science Education (Buse), the venue of the Zanu PF People’s Conference that opens this week, has been without running water for almost a year.

This state of affairs could expose 4 000 Zanu PF delegates to the cholera outbreak. Bindura has not been spared the cholera outbreak that has so far claimed the lives of nearly 600 people throughout the country.

Last month police banned two MDC report-back rallies in Harare saying the party would expose its supporters to cholera.
The MDC issued a statement saying it was waiting “to see with eagerness whether the Zanu PF conference in Bindura would proceed since cholera has virtually spread to all towns and cities”.
Officials at the university, speaking on condition of anonymity, last week expressed fears the institution could fail to handle the delegates coming from provinces ravaged by the fast-spreading epidemic. To worsen matters, the institution does not have running water.
University authorities were forced to send students home in October after [continue reading]

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