Government wipes tears off Gantsi farmers

source: Mmegi

The Botswana government has given over P23,000 in compensation for cattle culled in Gantsi Zone 12, after the outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in October, a senior official has announced.

Veterinary services director, Moetapele Letshwenyo said killing of cattle quarantined in Zone 12 was finished mid November and a total of 1,583 were culled, costing P23,745 if paid at average price.

“In the infected zone, we are left with sheep and goats only and they are no indication of foot and mouth disease,” said Letshwenyo.

He said the farmers, whose livestock were killed, would be paid off at P1, 500 per head.
At least 63 farmers had their cattle killed from three quarantined farms in Zone 12, and to date, a total of 28 farmers have collected their payments.

Though the outbreak of FMD had negatively impacted [continue reading]

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