Zimbabwe: Police Seize US$225m At Border Post

source: The Standard
Saturday, 29 November 2008 19:28

MAPUTO — Mozambican police on Thursday arrested two Pakistan nationals trying to smuggle US$225 million in cash into Zimbabwe through the Machipanda border post in central Manica Province, Radio Mozambique reported last week.

Quoting police officials, the state-controlled broadcaster said the money was stashed in an old sack in the boot of a light vehicle when police and customs officials pounced on the suspected smugglers while conducting routine checks.

The two Pakistanis did not reveal the purpose of the money but said they were going to Zimbabwe, where their diplomatic representation is based, to update their residence permits for Mozambique.
Police spokesperson in Manica Province, Pedro Jamusse, told the broadcaster it was the first interception of such large sums of money after Machipanda border became notorious for illegal foreign currency transits.

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