Ministry acts to curb border congestion

source: BOPA
28 November, 2008

PARLIAMENT – Government is working towards addressing the problem of trucks which use the tarred road lane leading to the ferry as a parking bay at Kazungula border post.

Answering a question in Parliament, Assistant Minister of Works and Transport Mr Frank Ramsden said that the situation caused congestion and compromised safety on the road.

He said in order to address the congestion at the border post, his ministry was in the process of procuring a contractor to construct a five-metre wide and 1.4 km long temporary parking lane along the tarred road to Kazungula boarder Post.

Mr Ramsden said the construction was planned to start in December 2008 and was expected to take one month to complete.

“As a medium term solution to the congestion at Kazungula Border post, we have decided to construct a parking zone for trucks some 40 km outside Kazungula along Nata/ Kazungula road.” As for the prostitution allegedly taking place in the area and the [continue reading]

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