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As efforts to improve the country’s power supply continue, the government has signed an agreement worth close to US$1 billion(P8 billion) with a Chinese company for the construction of the Morupule B project.

The Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources announced the signing of the contract between the Botswana Power Corporation on one hand, and China National Electric Equipment Corporation and Shenyang Blower Works Electro-Mechanics Import and Export Co. Ltd (the CNEEC-SBW Consortium) on the other, for the development of the Morupule B Power Station in a press statement issued Wednesday.BPC Public Relations Manager Tlhomamiso Selato confirmed to Business week that the construction of the Morupule B will be done at a cost of US$970 million over a period of 42 months.”The development of the Morupule B Power Station reached a significant milestone with the signing of [continue reading]

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Ever since he became the First Citizen of Botswana, there have been questions about his leadership, particularly his decision-making. First it was his desire to restrict liquor trading and entertainment hours expressed in his inauguration speech.

Subsequently, many believed the resulting law and regulations were passed in haste and without due consultations with stakeholders and it will not achieve the desirable results instead would worsen it.

When Specially Elected Member of Parliament, Botsalo Ntuane, openly declared his support for bar owners taking the government to court over the issue, he was made to retract his comments. Ntuane had been quoted in a newspaper criticising the new liquor law for “turning into a fundamentalist state”. Soon, Ntuane had said, people would be told when to sleep and what music to listen to.

It is understood that this [continue reading]

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November 24, 2008, 12:18 pm

A New Zealand pilot was injured when his Cessna 206 carrying five passengers crashed in the Okavango Delta in Botswana yesterday.

The New Zealander, working for Moremi Air Charters, was transporting a German couple, two locals and a nine-month-old child from Maun to a tourist camp when the crash happened, according to a media report.

All were hospitalised although their conditions were not known.

“We have been told that the [continue reading]

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TONOTA: Hatred, defiance, and arrogance generally characterised the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) crucial meeting called by the party Central Committee (CC) in Tonota on Wednesday.

Tempers flared as BDP diehards pointed fingers at one another in front of multitudes that thronged the Panorama Hall in the village. The constituents differed with the party leadership and defied orders for peace and calm coming from the branch leadership.

In this article, Mmegi captures the voices of some of the members who want their area Member of Parliament (MP) Pono Moatlhodi pardoned for whatever sins he has committed. The party leadership has decided to recall Moatlhodi from representing Tonota South constituency in the next general election. The man’s main offence is reportedly that he defied orders to caucus with fellow BDP MPs, to respect the standing party instruction to speak for about 10 minutes responding to the President Ian Khama’s State of the Nation Address and accusing his government and party of tolerating the “militarisation of the public service”.

One of the first speakers was [continue reading]

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JOHANNESBURG (AFP) — Botswana President Ian Khama is meeting with members of the Elders group in Johannesburg after they were refused entry into Zimbabwe on Saturday, a spokeswoman said Sunday.

“The leaders will be discussing a number of issues regarding the Zimbabwe situation,” said Elders spokeswoman Katy Cronin, who revealed no details of the discussions.

Former US President Jimmy Carter and ex-UN secretary general Kofi Annan were to embark on a humanitarian mission to the strife-torn country, but were denied visas by [continue reading]

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FRANCISTOWN: After being beaten into submission by the government to introduce the controversial 30 percent levy to control excessive alcohol consumption on November 1, KBL customers are complaining that the company overcharges them.

Mmegi investigations have revealed that there are discrepancies betweenKBL and liquor wholesale prices. KBL prices are apparently out of the reach of most retailers, hence they prefer to buy from liquor wholesalers.A prominent retailer here accuses KBL of playing upping its margins and squeezing those of retailers. He says the popular brands are the ones that are usually overpriced.

The businessman, who requested anonymity, says a 330ml case of St Louis was P88.47 but is now P120, an increase of 36 percent in stead of the gazzeted 30 percent.

He says KBL is making a kill by selling a case of [continue reading]