Death penalty still stands in Botswana, says Khama

source: BOPA
03 November, 2008

PALAPYE – Government does not intend to change its current stance on death penalty, the President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, has said.

Responding to a comment from a resident during a kgotla meeting he addressed in Palapye last week, President Khama said people who took their time to plan and deliberately killed others should know that they would be executed. This, he said, did not mean that the government enjoyed ‘doing it’ but it was the only way to discourage people from taking other individuals’ lives.

“The fear of facing death penalty can make a would-be killer to think twice about murdering somebody,” he said. “Nobody wants to die.” The Palapye resident had earlier commended the government for supporting death penalty and urged the president not to change the practice.

“If you deliberately kill somebody, and the courts find you guilty, know that you will be faced with capital punishment,” president Khama said amid ululations from the crowd.

He said after one of the neighbouring countries abolished the death penalty, its murder cases increased.

Responding to a question posed by Ms Mompoloki Monare who complained about the unfair competition small retailers had to deal with at the hands of foreigners who sold their products cheaply, President Khama said the government had since stopped issuing general dealers and special dealers licences to foreigners because there were reports of abuse.

He said these licences were reserved for Batswana, who should not [continue reading]

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