Khama does not love this country better than us

source: Mmegi

The debate on alcohol will be with us for some time. If by imposing a 30 percent levy on alcohol government had thought that they had banished for good the discussion on alcohol, they were only deluding themselves.

To be fair to President Ian Khama, we think we understand why he is so concerned with alcohol consumption, which borders on the abuse. The atrocities resulting from alcohol abuse are a compelling case that very few can argue against. We have seen families break-up, productive lives lost, insurance companies lose millions, many maimed, hospital beds taken up by patients that should not have been patients in the first place. As a leader of this nation, President Khama has a responsibility to be decisive in promoting and protecting the interests of his people even if it means saving themselves from a self-inflicted misery. We cannot fault Khama for trying to protect his [continue reading]

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