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source: BOPA
02 October, 2008

PALAPYE – The Automated Finger Print Identification System (AFIS), which was recently acquired by the police, is expected to curb fraud cases.

This is because it will improve finger print identification and retrival, manager of the project, S/ Supt Goitsilwe Lesetedi said in Palapye on Wednesday.

He was briefing stakeholders who included immigration and prisons officers and the news media.

The state-of-the-art machine was installed in June and is scheduled to be handed over in October 2009.

S/Supt Lesetedi said manual retrieval of finger prints had been a major challenge as they have a collection of 600 000 records.

“The AFIS will solve this problem. We will be able to retrieve records easily and faster,” he said. He indicated that the system was originally used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in United States in criminal cases but has gained world-wide popularity for general identification and fraud prevention.

S/Supt Lesetedi said the system will be implemented by the police at district level and that the police will be provided with live scanners to access it. [BOPA]

3 October 2008

South African telecoms company Telkom is deploying its own third generation (3G) wireless network across the country, taking the fixed-line operator closer toward providing its customers with fully converged information communication technology solutions.

In a statement issued this week, Telkom said that fixed voice and fixed-mobile data services would be launched during October, with nomadic voice services becoming available later in the year.

The company announced in March this year that it would look to expand into the fixed-mobile space as a means of maintaining its market share and growing revenues.

Speaking at the time, Telkom CEO Reuben September said that the company’s revenues were under “significant pressure” from declining voice services, due to competition, and further affected by copper cable theft.

“Three years ago, we announced we are [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
03 October 2008

A deadlock over the allocation of cabinet ministries continued Friday, despite press reports that ZANU PF has agreed to cede the Ministry of Finance to the MDC. Mugabe has been refusing to give up key ministries since the signing of a power sharing accord two weeks ago. Only the calling of an MDC National Council meeting Thursday alerted him to the possibility the opposition was on the verge of withdrawing from his charade. It has been reported that lengthy consultations were then made over the phone between the two parties with a view to ending the deadlock, resulting in the latest ‘concession.’ On Friday another series of meetings produced another deadlock with ZANU PF insisting on keeping Home Affairs and Defence alongside other security and justice ministries.

The two parties are failing to agree on how they will share the Home Affairs, Justice, Defence, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Local Government and Information ministries. Analysts believe the current gradual sharing of ministries suits Mugabe fine as he is playing for time and wants to see how far he can push the MDC into capitulating to his ‘unreasonable demands.’ The MDC have so far refused to confirm whether Thursday’s national Council meeting was meant to deliberate on pulling out of the deal. However it’s national council wields a lot of power and has so far been the body that endorses or rejects major decisions.

As Newsreel reported Wednesday the deadlock is being driven by the fear of prosecution for human rights abuses and looting of state coffers by ZANU PF officials and security chiefs. Senior officials in [continue reading]

source: BOPA
03 October, 2008

PALAPYE – High teenage pregnancy rate continues to haunt Lotsane Senior Secondary School in Palapye.

This was revealed by the Department of Teacher Training and Development’s Principal Education Officer Mr Seiphetlho Sefhako during the Lotsane School prize giving ceremony last week.

Mr Sefhako indicated that the rise in teenage pregnancy has been on the rise since 2005 as statistics reveal that in that year 35 pregnancies were recorded and from January to date 37 pregnancies have been recorded.

“It is alarming to note that the figures for teenage pregnancy have been rising from 27 in 2006, 35 in 2005 and 37 so far in 2008. I wish to call upon all stakeholders to join hands and help to overcome these challenges,” he said.

He applauded the school for introducing pastoral system as he believes that [continue reading]