Botswana retailers cashing in on Zimbabwean shoppers

source: The Financial Gazette
Godfrey Ganetsang

BOTSWANA — Francistown retailers, wholesalers and shopkeepers have welcomed the announcements that the Zimbabwean government has extended the waiver on import duty to December.

Prospects of loss of profitable business from the bulk purchasing Zimbabweans caused a lot of apprehension in the city’s business community after the Zimbabwean government’s suspension of import duty on basic commodities expired on August 12.

Political strife in Zimbabwe tore the country apart resulting in skyrocketing inflation and the collapse of the national economy.

The collapse of the manufacturing and agriculture industries led to scarcity of basic commodities like cooking oil, sugar, soap, rice and flour, especially after a number of retailers closed shop, triggering massive food shortages throughout the country.

Skyrocketing inflation and a general decline in the economy has crippled the Zimbabwean manufacturing sector and [continue reading]

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