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source: Standay Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
27.08.2008 9:11:45 A

The world’s diamond industry is expected to move down here by mid next year as the aggregation of goods moves from Europe to Botswana, an insider said this week.

“We are yet to see a massive movement of rough diamonds valued at close to US $ 6 billion (nearly P 40 billion) or P 49 million carats coming through Botswana every year for aggregation.

The move is expected to create a much more cosmopolitan atmosphere and drive the economy forward beyond the diamond mining businesses.

“This is the first time of such business magnitude to move from the developed countries into Africa,” Sheila Khama, head of De Beers Botswana said Thursday, as she repeats Gareth Penny’s words in Tel Aviv and Antwerp over the last ten months.

“The good thing is that this was a regional initiative, where Botswana, Namibia and South Africa came together at heads of state level and on top of that De Beers,” she said.

The new move, which will see over [continue reading]

source: IOL
August 27 2008 at 10:16AM
By Poloko Tau

Why make learners memorise things if they can simply Google them, and make them worry about spelling when computers have spell-check?

This was asked by Professor Erica McWilliam at a conference on “Education in the 21st century” in Boksburg, eastern Gauteng, on Tuesday.

The conference also focused on “Global issues facing school-leavers in the 21st century”.

McWilliam said it was quite “tedious” that many teachers tended to just get material off the Internet and read it straight to their learners.

“Before, they might have explained it more using their own words rather than the Internet’s words, and this means learners are not learning much from them,” McWilliam said.

A professor at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, McWilliam said it was important that teaching today be focused on preparing learners for life after school as well as [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Analysts expect the current rebound in the DCI to continue in the short to medium term as investors take advantage of the current weakness in most counters and a strong earnings outlook.

The weekly market report from Motswedi Securities say the DCI closed last week above the 7,600 point mark mainly because of gains in financial stocks on expectations of positive earnings results. The DCI has staged a dramatic recovery since reaching a 12 month low of 6,911.45 points on May 21, 2008.

The week under review saw notable gains in most financial counters such as Barclays, BIHL, FNBB, Letshego and Stanchart. The FCI however, closed the week in the red on the back of losses in most foreign based counters, reflecting the turbulent primary markets they are listed on.

Against this background, the ACI gained a modest 0.05 percent to [continue reading]

source: International Herald Tribune
Reuters, The Associated Press
Published: August 27, 2008

HARARE, Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe of Mugabe says he will form a new government soon, with or without the opposition.

State radio and the government-controlled Herald newspaper quoted Mugabe on Wednesday as saying he would soon announce a new cabinet that the opposition would be welcome to join.

But The Herald said the party of the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai “does not want to come in, apparently.”

Mugabe and Tsvangirai are deadlocked in power-sharing talks over how much control Mugabe should surrender.

Mugabe was booed and jeered by opposition members when he opened the assembly with the announcement of his intention to form a government. He has said that he hopes for agreement in the [continue reading]

source: IOL
Xolani Mbanjwa
August 27 2008 at 06:48AM

One in three municipal councillors cannot read or write, and more lack basic competencies to run local government finances.

Some councillors are even embarrassed to admit they do not understand English and are therefore unable to follow council proceedings or training sessions.

It is recommended that adult education becomes a priority in all municipalities.

On average, only half of local government politicians have post-matric qualifications, while only two out of 10 understand how tariffs are set or the cost implications of municipal services.

And more than two-thirds of councillors – including those who serve on mayoral committees – don’t understand their roles, their responsibilities or local government legislations.

These facts are contained in a study by the SA Local Government Association (Salga).

The depressing figures have been fingered as one [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
27.08.2008 9:32:59 A

President Ian Khama will not sack Minister of Education Jacob Nkate.
For three weeks now, opposition political parties have been calling on Khama to relieve Nkate of his cabinet responsibilities.

This follows allegations in the media that one of the private tertiary education institutions in the country had sponsored Nkate’s campaign in the Ngami constituency.

This week, the BDP Executive Secretary, Batlang Serema, told Sunday Standard that President Ian Khama will not take any action against Nkate.

He said investigations by the ruling party have found no wrong doing on the party of Nkate.

“There is another misguided and factually wrong statement attributing the donation in question as an attempt to carry favour by NIIT.

To our knowledge, these [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Former Orange Botswana, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thapelo Lippe, is said to be the favourite to head the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC).

Sources said yesterday that Lippe, who is currently CEO of Microsoft in Kenya is likely to land the BTC top job that has been vacant ever since V.T Seretse left.

BTC board chairman, Len Makwinja, said yesterday that Lippe is one of the two candidates short-listed and recommended by recruiting agency HRMC in the hunt for new BTC CEO. However, he denied that he is the favourite.

“We have not appointed anyone as yet but we are in the process of appointing someone soon and my hope is that we finalise everything before the end of this week,” Makwinja said.

He hopes that the appointment is made as soon as possible because the post has been [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tichaona Sibanda
26 August 2008

Robert Mugabe was jeered and heckled by MDC parliamentarians on Tuesday as he delivered his speech at the official opening of parliament.
The angry MPs booed Mugabe when he declared that “landmark agreements have been concluded with every expectation that everybody will sign up.” The MPs later repeated Monday’s performance of the song ‘ZANU PF is rotten.’ Initially the MDC had indicated it would boycott the opening over the lack of progress in power-sharing negotiations, but decided to attend at the last minute as a mark of respect for the new speaker of parliament Lovemore Moyo.

Part of Mugabe’ speech was drowned out by the heckling from MDC parliamentarians who felt he was dodging crucial issues such as his sham elections, the violence and his attempt to cling to power in a power-sharing deal. MDC Chief Whip Innocent Gonese said it was important to send a clear message to Mugabe that what he was saying was ‘hogwash,’ and was not a true reflection of things on the ground.
Journalist Angus Shaw said the heckling was an unprecedented show of defiance by the MDC MPs who refused to stand when Mugabe entered parliament and shouted his party ‘is rotten!’
Shaw said the jeers occasionally drowned out his 30-minute speech that was broadcast live on national television. This forced Mugabe to raise his voice. He added that Mugabe ‘looking annoyed’ as he [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

The Botswana Ostrich Company (BOC) abattoir has been slaughtering cattle due to a shortage of the birds, officials have said.

The abattoir manager, Freeman Mogaga told Business Today that they do not have ostriches to slaughter because farmers are not supplying them.

“The little that they (farmers) have are for breeding and not for meat. We are slaughtering cattle for survival,” Mogaga said. He added that the abattoir is multi-purpose and can be used to slaughter game or cattle.

He said when the abattoir was opened in 2002, there were good supplies and the ostrich business had potential. Mogaga said the abattoir has a capacity to slaughter 120 birds in a day. It is an export abattoir licensed to supply the European market. Even though the business is export-oriented, Mogaga said there is a growing market locally.

He lamented that they are losing business because they [continue reading]

source: News24
26/08/2008 15:34 – (SA)
Brendan Ryan

Johannesburg – Eskom’s power crisis is seriously affecting the mining industry and may take longer to resolve than the country is being led to believe.

That was the sobering message given on Tuesday by two senior Anglo American technical executives at a conference on the power crisis organised by the SA Institute of Mining Metallurgy and the SA Institute of Electrical Engineers.

The assessments presented by Ian Morison, head of engineering in Anglo American’s Technical Division and Gordon Smith – head of strategic long term planning for Anglo Platinum – stand in sharp contrast to the previous assessment given by Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll.

Addressing the Indaba Conference in Cape Town in February, Carroll played down the electricity supply problems and, instead, launched an attack on [continue reading]