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source: Mmegi
By Bame Piet
Staff Writer

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Phandu Skelemani, has reaffirmed government’s position that it does not recognise Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe and will not attend any African Union (AU) or SADC meetings if he is invited.

Answering questions from Members of Parliament (MPs) on Friday after giving a statement to the House, Skelemani said that Mugabe was not democratically elected, hence his leadership is illegitimate. He, however, said the government will recognise the outcome of the ongoing talks between Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai’s party on transitional government to solve the country’s economic and political crises. He said that the Botswana Embassy in Harare would remain operational since “it does not only service the government there but also the ordinary Zimbabweans”. He said that government will screen all refugees entering Botswana and those qualifying for political refuge status will be assisted whilst economic refugees will be returned home.

In his statement, Skelemani said that the reasons for Botswana government not recognising Mugabe are [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tichaona Sibanda
11 August 2008

The Tsvangirai MDC has threatened to walk out of the power-sharing talks, citing the length of time it has taken to find a solution to the country’s crisis, sources said on Monday.

‘The talks cannot go on for ever. The MDC has made it known to Thabo Mbeki that they are not happy with the time it has taken to resolve the crisis,’ said the source from Harare.

It is believed the MDC negotiators, including Morgan Tsvangirai, were ready to throw an ultimatum at Mbeki that after Monday they would walk out of the talks if all parties fail to agree to a common position.

Political analyst Glen Mpani told us the issue of security guarantees for Mugabe and his henchmen is proving to be one of the sticking points at the talks.

‘This is why you see Zanu-PF saying the issue of Mugabe’s position is none negotiable. Everything happening at the talks is about Mugabe’s survival and not about resolving the crisis. This is why it has taken this long for the two sides to agree on the way forward,’ Mpani said
Negotiations have reportedly included proposals for Mugabe to take on a [continue reading]

UB Don Deported

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Controversial self-confessed Robert Mugabe mouthpiece, Caesar Zvayi, who has been hiding in Botswana, was on Friday afternoon sent back home. He is known to be on the list of 137 people published by the European Union, who are being subjected to targeted sanctions for being part of Zimbabwe’s ruling elite.

The former Herald political columnist was last month hired by the University of Botswana to lecture on print journalism. However, a barrage of criticism leveled against the government of Botswana and the University reined supreme, forcing President Ian Khama to act.

The latest pressure came from the University of Botswana students who wrote a memo to the University, informing management that the students will make life difficult for Zvayi, if the University continued to engage his services.

The timing of the action coincides with the SADC Summit, which is [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
11 August 2008

The main political parties have been locked in negotiations over the weekend to try and thrash out a power sharing deal. Brokered by South African President Thabo Mbeki the leaders of ZANU PF and MDC spent 14 hours on Sunday debating how to share government. The rivals were back at the negotiating table on Monday and as usual speculation is rife that the parties are squabbling over positions.

Journalists waiting outside the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare on Monday said the politicians are tightlipped and no information was forthcoming. Associated Press correspondent Angus Shaw said a table had been set up at the hotel for the signing ceremony, just in case agreement was reached.
“They are clearly anticipating there will be some signing, however we do understand that the principle sticking point is the sharing of powers and what powers Mr Mugabe will retain. What will be his exeutive role and what will be Morgan Tsvangirai’s executive role.”

No one apart from the leaders of the political parties actually know what the details are and some analysts believe the media is being used to make it look as if progress is being made, when in actual fact there is no agreement, on any issue. Some MDC officials outside the negotiations have also said they don’t see any signs of a breakthrough. They also feel that Mugabe and Mbeki would like to make it look as if Tsvangirai is the problem.

The only leader who made a public statement today was [continue reading]