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source: BOPA
06 August, 2008

GABORONE – Botswanas threat to boycott the SADC summit in South Africa if Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe is invited can send a powerful message to the region, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Phandu Skelemani, said.

Interviewed by BOPA, Mr Skelemani said this would be an indication to those who would be in attendance that there was a serious political problem that needed to be solved expeditiously.

Mr Skelemani noted that during the extraordinary summit held in Lusaka earlier this year, it was agreed that both Mr Mugabe and Mr Tsvangirai could not attend as the summit was for SADC governments only.

He said he did not think that the two leaders could be invited to the summit that would take place this month in South Africa. He said Botswanas decision not to recognise the Zimbabwean regime would not alienate the country from its regional partners.

“If we do not attend the summit, it will go ahead as planned, but it will be apparent to those attending that something is wrong,” he quipped.

Mr Skelemani emphasised that Botswanas non-attendance would put pressure on [continue reading]

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06/08/2008 21:46 – (SA)

Pretoria – President Thabo Mbeki was consulting his lawyers on whether to take action against the Sunday Times for its report of his corrupt involvement in the arms deal, the Presidency said on Wednesday.

“The Presidency categorically rejects all allegations made in the so-called report. The presidency denies categorically that Mbeki facilitated any money,” Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad told a media briefing in Pretoria.

“Obviously, in the Presidency we have decided to take legal advice and once the legal advice is given, the president will take the necessary steps.”

Public Enterprises Minister Alec Erwin echoed these sentiments and also slammed the media for its “spurious” and “really quite absurd” allegations regarding the [continue reading]

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06 August, 2008

PARLIAMENT – The Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Duke Lefhoko, has presented the Small Business (Amendment) Bill.

The purpose of the bill is to dissolve the Small Business Council (SBC) which is operating similar to the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA).

The responsibilities of the SBC will be covered by LEA through its directorate of small medium micro enterprises (SMME).

Mr Lefhoko told Parliament that SBC and LEA were similar in that they ensured the interests of the SMME sector were provided for through policy and regulatory frameworks, programmes and infrastructure.

They also both reviewed the impact of policy and regulatory frameworks and make recommendations to [continue reading]

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August 07 2008 at 03:03PM

Manufacturing production rebounded in June 2008, increasing by 6,1 percent compared with June 2007, Statistics SA said on Thursday.

The strong manufacturing production in June 2008 followed gains reported by the food and beverages division and the petroleum, chemical products, rubber and plastic products division.

Production in the petroleum, chemical products, rubber and plastic products division was low in June 2007, as a result of maintenance at some refineries.

In the first six months of 2008, manufacturing production increased by 3,5 percent compared with the same period in 2007, but this was lower than the increase of 5,4 percent reported for the same period in 2007.

The estimated seasonally adjusted manufacturing production for the second quarter of 2008 increased by 4,1 percent compared with the first quarter of 2008.

Higher production levels were reported by [continue reading]

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04 August, 2008

SEROWE – The construction of 350 houses by the Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) will bring to the end the shortage of residential accommodation for government workers in Serowe.

Earthtec consultancy engaged in carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) held a consultative meeting with the Serowe on the project.

The houses would be constructed at Ramakolo and Mannathoko wards in Serowe and the project is likely to kick-start before the end of the current financial year.

The Earthtec consultancy official, Ms Laone Botite, said they were consulting on the project to obtain baseline information from the ground on the biophysical and human environment as well as the land uses of the project area.

She said the consultation was also aimed at [continue reading]

source: allAfrica
The Nation (Nairobi)
6 August 2008
Posted to the web 6 August 2008
Kitsepile Nyathi

President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has expanded its negotiating team at the ongoing power sharing talks with the opposition amid reports that the parties are close to a power-sharing deal that would turn Mr Mugabe into a ceremonial president.

Earlier today, a faction in the ruling party had threatened to breakaway protesting its exclusion from the talks.

The report in The Star newspaper cited unnamed sources close to the negotiations as saying the agreement would make MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai executive prime minister.

Zimbabwean government and MDC officials were not immediately available for comment.

“They are down to detail now,” the newspaper quoted one [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

A mechanism designed to address priorities of both utilities and electric power consumers has been launched in Botswana.

The Computerised Electricity System (CES), which can even warn the consumer by phone that the fridge is not working properly, was launched in Gaborone last week.

The Israeli-made apparatus is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that enables internal load management and simultaneously allows the utility to save power, depending on the need.

CES will be distributed in Botswana by Sonergy Botswana, a local investment company whose South African parent of the same name has rights to the product.

Speaking at the launch of the wonder contraption at the Gaborone Sun last Friday, Sonergy’s Chairman Ernest Molome said the product is ideal for the Botswana, especially in the face of [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
6 August 2008

South African President Thabo Mbeki is expected in Zimbabwe on Thursday to meet with Morgan Tsvangirai, Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara as the power-sharing talks wind down.

The Star newspaper in South Africa claims to have a draft settlement that says Mugabe will be ceremonial President, while Tsvangirai has the position of executive Prime Minister. It also states that Mugabe and others involved in the campaign of violence will have full immunity from prosecution.

Journalists Peta Thornycroft said it appears the report was leaked by President Thabo Mbeki. She said; “The facilitator is trying to put the pressure on, so that people accept this position paper on the eve of his departure to Harare on Thursday.”

Although the proposals in the position paper has been doing the [continue reading]

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04 August, 2008

GABORONE – The business community in Botswana should venture into niche marketing both globally and locally, says the Minster of Trade and Industry, Mr Neo Moroka.

Speaking at the Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower, (BOCCIM) Business Golf Day in Gaborone on Friday, Mr Moroka said niche marketing helped to position the products to the desired market.

Mr Moroka said for private sector to succeed in niche marketing, they should strive to meet customer needs and satisfaction, develop their staff and be technologically advanced.

He acknowledged that there was a problem of customer service in Botswana, adding that private sector must work hard to solve the problem.

Mr Moroka said when discussion for National Development Plan (NDP) 10 started, he empahsised that private sector development be given a priority.

He said BOCCIM had already taken a lead to come up with a private sector development strategy, adding that the strategy should be [continue reading]

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Staff Writer

Trading in the past few weeks has given strong indications that the market correction that has lasted almost a year may finally be over.

According to a report by Capital Securities, most of the domestic stocks continue to recover from the lows seen over the last 12 months with financial sector, which is approaching its financial reporting season, in the forefront.

In a reversal of the bearish trend that hit the commercial banks since late last year, Standard Chartered, Barclays, ABCH and BIHL have registered strong gains in the past weeks.

On the other hand, the Capital Securities report says resource sector stocks continue to be volatile, taking the lead from events in their primary markets. “A number of the companies in this sector saw their share prices drop [continue reading]

source: BOPA
04 August, 2008

GHANZI – Some residents of Ghanzi are calling for the standardisation of lobola.

Speaking during a kgotla meeting addressed by a joint committee of Ntlo ya Dikgosi and Botswana Council of Churches on social values in Ghanzi, residents said parents have turned lobola into a lucrative business by demanding high lobola.

They asked dikgosi to address the matter and set a ceiling for the payment of lobola because the high lobola encourages cohabitation by those who could not afford.

On the issue of divorce, Mr Marumoagae Bonang, said structures that focused on strengthening the families should be put in place.

“At present there are only two stages of marriage and divorce, and no structures that could be used to strengthen the marriage,” he said.

He suggested structures that could help in the management of funds in a family and the raising of children.

Mr Bonang said youth needed [continue reading]

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05 August, 2008

JWANENG – Batswana have been warned to desist from hiring illegal immigrants.

Addressing residents of Jwaneng in a kgotla meeting, Minister for Defense, Justice and Security, Dikgakgamatso Seretse said those caught in the act would be brought to book.

He said employing such people is risky citing a case where aliens attacked their employer.

Minister Seretse said instead of exploiting them it is wise to take illegal immigrants to relevant authorities.

He also pleaded with Jwaneng residents to actively participate in crime prevention initiatives.

Mr Seretse said, he is planning to have private security companies, members of the police service and public work together to combat the escalating crime.

If the idea become a success, it would be [continue reading]

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Staff Writer

MPs on Monday night were in support Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKA) Upgrading and Expansion Project (Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) (Loan Ratification) Bill, with legislators warning government “not to mortgage the country”.

Lobatse Member of Parliament (MP) Nehemiah Modubule failed to force a second adjournment after he called for further deliberation on the matter. Modubule last week managed to call for an adjournment, asking for clarity on section of the Finance and Audit Act that was to guide parliamentarians’ debate. Modubule’s move divided the House, forcing the Acting Deputy Speaker, Maitlhoko Mooka, to call for a vote that ended with an overwhelming majority of MPs opposing the adjournment.

Conceding defeat, Modubule said that borrowing money for such an airport expansion project is [continue reading]

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04 August, 2008

PARLIAMENT – Some progress has been made towards the establishment of the Department of Inspection in accordance with recommendation 116 of the Revised National Policy on Education of 1994, says the Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Jacob Nkate.

He said having consulted with stakeholders on the establishment of inspectorate department, the ministry took a decision to give priority to the decentralisation of functions to the regions and establish the Department of Inspectorate thereafter.

“As a result, we now have inspectors for both primary and secondary at the regions. Following the decentralisation process, consultancies were commissioned in 2004 and 2007 which came up with a structure for the Department of Inspection,” he said.

Mr Nkate added that the second consultancy coincided with the O&M review of the Ministry of Education which recommended the establishment of an independent inspectorate in the form of a parastatal.

Government has accepted the recommendation and a team is currently working on the [continue reading]

source: BOPA
05 August, 2008

FRANCISTOWN – Lack of technological equipment at the Marapong Primary School has forced the school pupils to organise a sponsored walk to raise funds for the purchase of computers and fax machines for their school.

The school has appealed to some individuals and private companies such as Letshego to assist, and so far three computers from different companies including Letshego have been received.

Further the parents sold cooked traditional food to raise more funds.

In an interview, shortly after a 10-kilometre sponsored walk the school principal, Mrs Gwiso Adam, said lack of computers, a fax and photo-coping machine impacted negatively on their service delivery.

She was happy that the computers would go a long way in contributing to the development of the education system, particularly in the assessment of pupils and setting up of examinations.

Mrs Adam said in most cases the [continue reading]