Lack of legal training hampers work

source: BOPA
30 July, 2008

LOBATSE – Lack of legal training hampers the work of dikgosi who preside over criminal cases at Customary Courts, says Barolong deputy paramount chief, Kgosi Gaontese Montshioa.

Welcoming Defence, Justice and Security minister Mr Ramadeluka Seretse in Goodhope Kgosi Montshioa said lack of professional training had resulted in decisions of the customary courts overturned by the High Court He said such cases were dismissed on among others point of law or on technical grounds. “If the charge sheet is not well written you are expected to dismiss the case,” he said.

He said sometimes dikgosi depended on court clerks or police officers to interpret the law for them though dikgosi were judicial officers, saying such dependence was there despite the risk of officers misleading them.

On another issue, Kgosi Montshioa complained that dikgosi were not consulted about the merging of the local and central police services.

He wondered how the customary courts would operate without the local police as their duties included among others serving of summons.

“Are court bailiffs going to be employed or what?”Regarding crime, Kgosi Montshioa noted that the problem of [continue reading]

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