Venson-Moitoi: History will judge you harshly

source: Mmegi

Against all reason Communications, Science and Technology Minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi is hell-bent on introducing the discredited Media Practitioners Bill.

By the time you read this, the minister will have notified Parliament about her intention to introduce the controversial bill for debate. At a time when the bill has elicited such controversial debate the minister is acting rather out of turn. What is even more worrying is that she is using tax pay’s resources to dupe the public by giving them a sanitized and highly partisan view of what this monstrous bill is about. The honourable minister goes around the country to Kgotla meetings telling people that there is sinister about the bill while she fully knows that there is. Minister Moitoi knows that media practitioners are opposed to the bill and we expect her to at least be honest and tell the public that there is strong opposition to her hastily concocted totalitarian bill. If the minister is a democrat who believes in consultations as we think, we expected her to [continue reading]

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