Govt increases SHHA loan ceiling

source: BOPA
28 July, 2008

GHANZI – Government has increased the Self Help Housing Agency (SHHA) loan from P20 000 to P45 000 and the repayment period from 10 to 20 years.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at Kacgae in the Ghanzi area recently, agriculture minister, Mr Christian De Graaff said the loan will be interest free, but arrears will attract a 10 per cent interest.

The annual income of an applicant has been increased to P36 400 in order to cover more people. Turning to other issues, Mr De Graaf advised Batswana to bid for the 15 state farms advertised in the Government Gazette, adding that more farms will follow as the identification of un-utilised farms continues. He said boreholes will be drilled free of charge in farms within 30km radius that lack water.

Alternatively, they will be provided with water from un-used boreholes. Mr De Graaf informed Kacgae residents that Ghanzi South will be provided with amenities, including telephones, electricity in some villages, as well as tarring and [continue reading]

  1. Enock

    We wish the scheme cud be extended to cater for commercial purposes. May it not only be beeficial to individuals, but to companies as well to achieve affordable housing as societies built can be let out to the public including the ones earning less than the requirement of SHHA. I OPEN THIS FOR DEBATE

  2. Enock

    Just to give BHC something to think about: students across our country Botswana to site a few examples of UB, Tonota College of Education, Molepolole College Of Education etc do not have conduscive shelter with facilitating services like electricity to be in a good position to excell in their studies. WHY CAN’T BHC DEVELOP A SCHEME TO BUILD STUDENT HOMES THAT WILL BE AFFORDABLE ??????? PARTICULARLY FOR THEM STUDENTS

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