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source: BOPA
23 July, 2008

LOBATSE – The government is planning to introduce a system that will penalise careless drivers by suspending or withdrawing their licences when they lose a certain number of points.

The system worked by allocating drivers points on their licences and deducting some everytime they made driving offences, assistant transport minister, Mr Frank Ramsden said.

Speaking at a memorial service of nine people who died in a road accident along the A1 Highway near Pitshane recently, Mr Ramsden said a driver would lose a licence after three deduction.

Mr Ramsden said the government was coming up with the system after realising that people did not want to discipline themselves on the roads.

“This eventually will reduce the number of careless and dangerous drivers on our roads.” He said surveillance cameras connected to a [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tererai Karimakwenda
July 23, 2008

A regional court in Namibia has ruled that the Zimbabwean government violated an interim order issued last December, which stipulated that they would not evict any commercial farmers involved in the ongoing case, or interfere with their operations, until the case is decided. Government sponsored thugs have since evicted some of the farmers and tortured 3 others who are key players in the case.

The ruling by the Tribunal was released on Tuesday as the 3 rival political parties in Zimbabwe prepared for talks that are supposed to lead to a resolution of the broader crisis. The judges said the finding will be reported to the SADC summit due in South Africa in August, so that appropriate action can be taken. A lawyer for the farmers told Newsreel last week that SADC has the options of imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe, expulsion or some other action. Whatever the SADC leaders decide, it will be a test of their commitment to the SADC principles, which are laid out in the [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
22.07.2008 7:02:34 P

Analysts this week punched the air at the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE)’s rebound and expressed hope that the impending banking sector reporting period, which starts next month, and a move by Bifm to clear the air on the controversial sale of shares to its executive members, will come in days.
BSE was this week poised to continue a second month straight gain, edging from 7 175.24 points on June 27 to 7 243.54 points on Thursday.

“There is a general discovery in the market and we hope that the mid year —- the impending banking results — will add a sparkle to the general trade in the market,” head of Capital Asset Management, Leutlwetse Tumelo, said.

The week market was trading at a very high note, with mid cap and micro-lending outfit, Letshego Holdings, trading one million shares, albeit flat at 1450 thebe per share to stimulate interest in the financial sector.

The move was a follow up to the [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
23 July 2008

Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga said on Wednesday that Robert Mugabe may need to be allowed a “peaceful, decent exit” to resolve Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

Odinga, who leads his country with political rival President Mwai Kibaki as part of a government of national unity, made the comments after talks with his British counterpart Gordon Brown in London on Wednesday.

The Kenyan Prime Minister welcomed the negotiations involving Mugabe’s ZANU-PF and the opposition MDC, set to take place in South Africa this week, but he added this was only under the condition that the talks respect the result of the March election polls. He said that “there may be a need to find a peaceful, decent exit for Mugabe,” and this exit would mean Mugabe “is given a role to play for an interim period of time.” He added, in that time Mugabe “can stay on as a ceremonial president with an executive Prime Minister until elections are held in Zimbabwe.”

The British Prime Minister meanwhile called on those [continue reading]

source: BOPA
23 July, 2008

GABORONE – Government is planning to build more childrens traffic schools throughout the country, says the Assistant Minister of Works and Transport, Mr Frank Ramsden.

Launching the “Drive to Live” campaign last week, Mr Ramsden said childrens traffic schools were aimed at training people at a tender age on road safety.

Mr Ramsden said Gaborone was the only place in Botswana that had a childrens traffic school.

He said two such schools should have been built in Palapye and Lobatse during National Development Plan (NDP) 9 but had been carried over to NDP 10 because of shortage of money.

He said most of the accidents were caused by excitement and that in most cases people were driving to [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
22.07.2008 7:09:07 P

The African Alliance Group on Friday launched its new stock broking division – African Alliance Botswana Securities, which is a full member of the Botswana Stock Exchange and the fourth licensed stock broking firm in Botswana.

This increases to four the number of operating companies in its stable in Botswana.
The firm, led by Steve McIntyre, will commence trading shortly, pending the implementation of its state of the art brokerage platform.

Don Gaetsaloe, the Chief Executive of African Alliance Botswana, said “there is a strong securitisation trend emerging in Botswana, there have been two new listings in 6 months and the Botswana Stock Exchange’s market capitalization has grown significantly during the past five years”.

“When you combine these variables with African Alliance’s track record of performance and comprehensive research coverage of [continue reading]

source: News24
24/07/2008 07:12 – (SA)

Johannesburg – South Africa and the European Union hold their first ever summit in the French city of Bordeaux on Friday, but divergent positions on ways of tackling the political crisis in Zimbabwe have cast a pall over the event.

Africa’s top economy and the EU, its biggest investor, want to take their relationship to a “new level” at the summit, attended by French President Nicolas Sarkozy – whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU – President Thabo Mbeki and European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso.

“The Republic of South Africa is the main regional power in Africa and a member of the group of emerging countries. It is one of the drivers of growth in the continent and a success story that refutes Afro-pessimism,” the EU said in a statement.

It said the summit aimed “at taking relations between the EU and South Africa to [continue reading]

source: BOPA
23 July, 2008

KANYE – Modern businesses have a high rate of success because people are not only assisted with funds but are also armed with the necessary skills to carry them forward, Cllr Bontle Seralanyane has said.

Speaking at the end of a three-day market research and feasibility course organised by the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) in Kanye recently, Ms Seralanyane urged the participants to work hard and display good mannerism if they harboured any ambition to succeed.

She advised them to use the skill and knowledge they acquired to further improve their businesses.

“A number of government programmes have failed in the past and the onus therefore is upon you to redeem yourselves by taking advantage of knowledge availed to you by institutions such as LEA.” Patience, good mannerism, Ms Seralanyane said, bode well with contemporary aggressive business environment.

“Good mannerism, patience coupled with [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
22.07.2008 7:06:47 P

A Southern African Development Community (SADC) Task Force of Ministers for Trade, Finance and Agriculture called on the regional member states to phase-out export duty on major food crops in the face of the looming food crisis that has already sparked riots in other parts of the world.
The Ministerial Task Force that met in Lusaka, Zambia, last week Sunday was appointed by the 14 member states’ heads of states and government which met in Mauritius in April.

“There are a number of factors that are believed to contribute to the observed increase in world food prices. Key among them are the increasing consumption of food in emerging economies such as India and China, commodity speculation, and inadequate investment in agriculture in recent decades,” the statement released by the SADC Secretariat said Friday.

However, food prices in the SADC region are said to be more stable—compared to other parts of the developing world—with the region expected to [continue reading]

source: Mining Weekly
By: Martin Creamer
Published on 23rd July 2008

Botswana was destined to become a major uranium producer that rivalled its neighbour Namibia, Australian explorer Dr Andrew Tunks said in Gaborone on Wednesday.

Acap CEO Tunks predicted to the Botswana Resource Conference that where Acap was exploring would “certainly be one of the largest places of contained uranium anywhere”.

While Acap held some of the best uranium prospects at Letlhakane in Botswana, there was “plenty of scope” for others to participate.

In December 2007 Acap published its first uranium resource, 65-million tons at 140 parts per million (ppm) representing about 20-million pounds.

Two weeks ago it produced its new resource of “nearly 100-million pounds”, with a massive increase in tons and a 30% increase in grade.

There was enormous growth potential in the [continue reading]

source: News24
23/07/2008 22:24 – (SA)

Parys – ANC leader Jacob Zuma would lead the party from prison if he was ever arrested, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Wednesday.

Malema reiterated at the ANC provincial conference in the Free State that Zuma would lead the ANC in its election campaign for 2009.

“If you arrest him, he will lead us from prison,” said Malema.

“The President in Orange,” he said to a huge roar of laughter from delegates.

However, he said the country should spare itself the embarrassment.

Malema repeated that there was no case against Zuma and that the ANC president would be South Africa’s next president to lead the country.

Zuma is currently involved in a legal battle with the [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
22.07.2008 7:08:19 P

Botswana and South Africa on Thursday extended their bilateral relations by signing a cross boarder water agreement, aimed at improving the living standards of the people of the two southern African states.

“Our people have been more kind to each other and diplomatic to each other than we have been doing and now we are only legalizing what they have been doing,” Minerals and Water Affairs minister, Ponatshego Kedikilwe, said during the signing ceremony in Gaborone on Friday.

The two countries, which share a long border, are signatories to two shared river basin institutions for the Limpopo and Orange-Senqu.

He added: “Not only do our countries subscribe to the notion of good bilateral cause, but also do encourage that such efforts and initiatives of the management and utilization of shared water resources are [continue reading]

see: SABC News, 17.07.2008 “SA, Botswana sign water agreement

source: News24
23/07/2008 09:02 – (SA)
Marelize Barnard, Die Burger

Cape Town – Consumers have been warned of possible unexpected power cuts after unit two at Koeberg nuclear power station was switched off.

Eskom had to switch the unit off on Monday night after a technical fault with power generation.

An Eskom statement said the unit’s nuclear reactor was not affected and was being kept stable in accordance with the station’s operational procedures.

Charles Kadalie, manager of public lighting for Cape Town, said: “Consumers must dust off their load-shedding schedules. We’re at a high-warning stage.”

Back in the black

If anything else were to go wrong on [continue reading]

source: IOL
July 23 2008 at 06:21PM

Harare – The start of full-scale talks to resolve Zimbabwe’s political crisis were delayed for a second day on Wednesday as the main parties’ top negotiators had yet to arrive in South Africa, sources said.

The negotiations, initially due to start on Tuesday and already facing a race against time given a two-week deadline, were not now due to begin in earnest until Thursday when all sides are in place in the capital Pretoria.

The delays mean South African President Thabo Mbeki, the chief mediator between Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF and opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), may not be around for the start of the talks as he due to fly out on Thursday to attend a European Union summit in southwest France.

Although a spokesperson for Mbeki said the talks process had started, sources within [continue reading]