Zimbabwe: Mbeki Endorses Mugabe in Hope of Coalition Deal

source: allAfrica
Business Day (Johannesburg)
30 June 2008
Posted to the web 30 June 2008

Dumisani Muleya

PRESIDENT Thabo Mbeki will recognise Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who was inaugurated yesterday for a further five-year term after he won a one-man election race, in a bid to find a negotiated settlement to Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

“Mbeki wants Mugabe endorsed in the interests of his mediation,” a source close to the Zimbabwe talks said. “If he says Mugabe’s re-election is illegitimate, he won’t be able to continue in his mediation role.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission said Mugabe won 85,5% of the vote on Friday, compared with 43,2% in the March election, which Morgan Tsvangirai won with 47,9 %. The commission said voter turnout was 42,4%, almost exactly the same as on [continue reading]

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