Zimbabwe: Isolate Mugabe Starting with African Union Summit

source: allAfrica
Freedom House (Washington, DC)
27 June 2008
Posted to the web 30 June 2008

Washington, DC

Freedom House urges the African Union to lead a global effort to exclude Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe from regional and international bodies, starting with Monday’s African Union summit in Egypt. Mugabe has vowed to attend the summit which comes just days after he held a one-party presidential runoff election marked by widespread violence targeted at opposition party leaders and supporters.

“With these sham elections, Mugabe defiantly squandered whatever good will and legitimacy he had left on the continent,” said Jennifer Windsor, Freedom House executive director. “The African Union can set a powerful precedent and send a clear message of hope to the people of Zimbabwe by isolating Mugabe and pushing for his swift exit from [continue reading]

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