Farmers decry lack of support

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

TULI-BLOCK: Farmers in the Tuli Block area are decrying lack of support by traders who prefer to buy from South Africa, leaving local produce to perish due to lack of market.

Farmers expressed concern that traders have abandoned local farmers so much that they prefer to cross the border and buy in bulk to sustain their operations throughout the period when the borders remain closed. As such they say traders only buy from local farmers two to three weeks after the border has closed and their produce are then left to rot either in packages or on the farms, thus incurring huge losses.

Talana Farm has already lost P300, 000 on its tomatoes from the beginning of this season because of lack of market.

Farm manager Janie Willemsa has urged the government to take a firm stand on border closures, expressing the fear that [continue reading]

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