Mbeki report on Zim leaked

source: News24
27/06/2008 12:26 – (SA)

Johannesburg – President Thabo Mbeki wrote a stinging report to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe in 2001, pleading with him to stop land grabs and admit that the ruling party has failed to create a democratic state.

In a 37-page analysis of the situation in Zimbabwe, written a year after Zanu-PF lost a referendum to the opposition, a landmark event that triggered violent land seizures, Mbeki warns of the consequences.

“Of critical importance… is the obvious necessity to ensure that Zimbabwe does not end up in a situation of isolation … condemned to sink into an ever-deepening social and economic crisis that would result in the reversal of many of the gains of the national democratic revolution.”

Mbeki, who has been criticised many times for failing to speak out publicly against Mugabe, in this document warns of the dangers of “stripping white capitalists of their wealth”.

He says it “would result in the collapse of the economy with disastrous effects”.

The “discussion document” was written in August 2001 and will appear in the June issue of New Agenda, a journal of [continue reading]


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