Low voter turnout in Harare suburbs

source: SW RAdio Africa
By Mandisa Mundawarara
June 27, 2008

The people of Harare today stayed away from polling stations, with reports of queues with ‘no more than five people.’ Thabani Moyo told us that he had visited polling stations in the suburbs of Mabvuku, Mufakose, Chitungwiza, Mbare, Mabelreign, Marlborough, Bluff Hill and Eastgate.

Most of the people that he spoke to said that they had gone to the polls ‘out of fear, and to protect their lives.’ There are reports that the war vets were conducting operation ‘Pasi pechigunwe,’ where they were checking people’s fingers for the indelible ink to make sure that they had voted.

He described Harare as looking like a ‘ghost town’ today with most people staying home to avoid trouble.
Thabani also reported that [continue reading]

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