Women to reap SADC free trade rewards

source: BOPA
25 June, 2008

GABORONE – Women entrepreneurs have been urged to produce goods and services that meet international standards in order to enjoy the benefits of the upcoming SADC Free Trade Area (FTA).

Speaking at the ninth womens exposition on Monday, the SADC programme officer for regional trade policies Mr Mupelwa Sichilima said the free trade agreement will provide greater business opportunities for goods which meet the rules of origin criteria.

He said the goods would enjoy duty free and quota free access in participating countries. He said the FTA would increase domestic production because of a larger market and that it would in turn increase employment.

Mr Sichilima emphasised that there are certain standards that entrepreneurs in member states would have to meet to reap the rewards of the agreement, adding that one such criteria is the rules of origin.

The womens exposition, which is held under the theme Innovation and Creativity: The key for women entrepreneurs to [continue reading]

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