Ministry, Commonwealth join forces

source: BOPA
25 June, 2008

GABORONE – The Ministry of Local Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat have embarked on a joint project to identify, assess and manage risks that impact on the ministrys objectives.

The project, which comes in the form of a two-week workshop, is aimed at sensitizing the management on problem areas.

Officially opening the workshop in Gaborone on Monday, the deputy permanent secretary in the ministry Ms Tsaone Thebe said the workshop provides a platform for her ministry to get assistance in order to achieve its strategic objectives.

Ms Thebe said one of the objectives of the workshop is to raise awareness on the role that risk management plays in the daily activities of her ministry.

She said the aim is to create a robust framework and procedures for identifying, analyzing, assessing and managing risk. She added that it also involves the [continue reading]

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