Mbeki unchanged on Zim

source: News24
26/06/2008 19:15 – (SA)

Cape Town – President Thabo Mbeki, the SA Development Community-appointed mediator on Zimbabwe, on Thursday indicated he has no intention of changing his approach towards Zimbabwe’s worsening political and economic crisis.

Speaking during question time in the National Assembly, he again said Zimbabwe’s problems could not be solved without the agreement of the political leadership in that country.

“We remain convinced that there can be no solution to the problems of Zimbabwe without the agreement of the political leaders of Zimbabwe.

“Nobody is going to impose any solution on them… Centrally important to anything that has got to happen there is encouraging these leaders of Zimbabwe to come to an agreement about all of the matters that face their country.

“We will continue to do that because [continue reading]

  1. Everyone is blaming the other one, SADC is not doing anything about the situation in Zimbabwe, AU is not doing anything, what is the world doing? If you sanction Zimbabwe who Suffers? Mogube will never sleep on an empty stomach, so sanction is a weapon of the reactionaries.

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