Gaborone City Council to receive P156m for roads

siurce: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Ministry of Local Government assistant minister Ambrose Masalila has told a full Gaborone City Council (GCC) meeting that the council will receive P156 million for the roads rehabilitation.

Making the announcement yesterday, Masalila said that a special warrant is to be signed this week and a total of over P536 million awarded to all councils to fix damaged roads.
He urged all the councils to utilise these funds properly. The assistant minister, who was at the council to address the councillors on project implementation, noted that there is a problem in implementation.

Masalila said that they plan to have labour intensive public works as a permanent feature, not during drought, and workers will be rotating especially in the rural areas. He also mentioned that they are hoping to have doctors overseeing clinics and [continue reading]

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