Zimbabwe: MDC Press Statement On Presidential Run-Off

source: allAfrica
Movement for Democratic Change (Harare)
22 June 2008
Posted to the web 22 June 2008

Morgan Tsvangirai

The MDC won the March 29th elections despite conditions that were far from free and fair. Our party’s message of peaceful, democratic change and rebuilding a New Zimbabwe enjoys the support of the vast majority of Zimbabweans.

Our election victory confirmed this to Mugabe and since that date, he and his supporters have been waging a war against the people of Zimbabwe.

This violent retributive agenda has seen over 200,000 people internally displaced and over 86 MDC supporters killed. Over 20,000 homes have been destroyed and over 10 000 people have been injured and maimed in this orgy of violence.

For the record, there are eight broad reasons why a free and fair election is impossible. Zanu PF has already subverted the run-off through the following:

State Sponsored Violence

The police have been reduced to bystanders while Zanu PF militia commit crimes against [continue reading]

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