Botswana criminal investigation finally jumps the digital divide

source: Sunday Standard
22.06.2008 5:56:17 P

Tracking down repeat criminals will now take Botswana Police a few hours of clicking on the computer keyboard rather than days rummaging through manual files – thanks to a technological revolution in Botswana’s fight against crime that was unveiled this week.

The long awaited Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which will enhance the swift tracking of criminals by the police, will be supplied by a South African-based French company, Sagem Defense Security.

This follows the conclusion of a P30 million contract agreement between the Commissioner of Police, Thebeyame Tsimako, and Sagem South Africa Managing Director, Philleppe Compagnon.

Currently, Botswana police investigating officer have to plumb vaults of paper files for days or even weeks when searching for criminal records.
The AFIS will put an end to the exhausting and time-consuming manual process that has been in use since 1936.

“AFIS is the most technically advanced system of its kind with the capability to use both fingerprints and palm prints to identify criminals,” said Compagnon.

Kenny Kapinga, Deputy Commissioner of the Botswana Police Services, stated that [continue reading]

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