Serowe: DBES identifies three possible sites

source: BOPA
04 June, 2008

SEROWE – Three possible sites have been identified for the construction of the new Serowe Integrated Sport Facility following the closure of a P27 million sports complex due to structural defects.

The facility, which houses the football pitch, athletic running tracks, netball, volleyball, softball and tennis courts was built in 2002 and commissioned in 2003.

Its defects began to show immediately after the commissioning generating calls from various quarters for the construction of a new complex at a suitable site.

There were also suggestions for the rehabilitation of the complex.

Subsequently the government agreed to the construction of the new facility, as the refurbishment was going to cost the government dearly.

Assistant Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, Mr Boniface Mabeo said in an interview that the Department of Building and Engineering Services (DBES) has identified the sites. Therefore preparations to undertake topographic surveys and soil tests are going on.

DBES has been engaged to carry out soil tests with a [continue reading]


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