BotswanaPost to launch the HYBRID MAIL

source: Sunday Standard
by Kgomotso Kgwagaripane
01.06.2008 6:53:20 P

While electronic communications may eventually reduce conventional paper-based mail, Information Communication Technology (ICT) has offered significant opportunities for improved customer service and enhanced conventional communication products for better quality, and hybrid mail is just such a solution. BotswanaPost will launch this service on Thursday next week.

According to the BotswanaPost 2006/7 Financial Report, the chairman, Martin Makgatlhe, acknowledges that a modern mail processing plant, Hybrid Mail, was set up in Gaborone.
“This is one of the service enhancement products where customers shall no longer deal with large volumes of mail in their offices but can transfer electronic files to BotswanaPost for printing and processing, up to mail dispatch,” he explained.

In his statement, Keoagile Rafifing, the Public Relations Manager of BotswanaPost, stated that [continue reading]

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