BOCCIM Rates Recent Show A Success

source: Mmegi

BOCCIM says its 14th Northern Trade Fair that was held in Francistown recently was a success, especially in terms of increased numbers of exhibitors.

The show has been blasted for poor organisation in the past. According to Gaamangwe Mathame of BOCCIM’s public relations office, the show has registered a growth of 40 percent over the last four years.

“This year’s Northern Trade Fair, whose theme was ‘Making SMME’s Competent for Sustainable Economic Growth’, has been a huge success,” Mathame told Monitor Business.

“There were more than 120 exhibitors overall,” she said, “which translates into a 40 percent increase over the past four years in terms of the number of exhibitors and floor space taken up.”

Prior to the fair, the organisers said they had addressed the concerns of [continue reading]

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