SA: Govt boost for local industries

Shaun Benton

29 May 2008

The Department of Trade and Industry is working closely with state-owned enterprises to help build the competitiveness of South African suppliers, in an effort to ensure they take full advantage of the country’s massive infrastructure spending programme currently underway.

This comes at a time when many sectors in the economy – following strong growth in manufacturing last year – are operating at near full capacity, thus pushing up the level of imports and impacting negatively on the country’s current account deficit.

Addressing members of Parliament this week, Trade and Industry Minister Mandisi Mpahlwa outlined several interventions undertaken by the government to provide support to certain sectors of the economy, ranging from technology support and [continue reading]

  1. RSP

    Govt. says same thing in every country. In fact govt means a bunch of political people working on their benifit

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