Civil Servants to Refund Government for Shoddy Work

source: The Botswana Gazette

Mfa Puts Pressure on Councils.The Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Local Government, Mr. Oliphant Mfa, says public officers who authorize the payment of poorly implemented, or unfinished projects, may be required to refund government the money.

In an interview with The Gazette, Mfa said poor implementation of projects, or lack thereof, was the most frequent complaint as he continues to do the rounds addressing full Council meetings around the country.
He said government was determined to have an efficient system that will ensure good coordination in the implementation of projects. He promised better services and an accountable public service at local government level.

“Councilors told me that sometimes the delay in implementation is caused by disjointed relations with council officers. There are poor links between the politicians and civil servants; this will be addressed as of now,” he said.

He said councilors complained that they are sometimes not properly consulted on projects while in some instances officials are slow to act on [continue reading]

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