Govt imposes import duty on milk

source: BOPA
19 May, 2008

GABORONE – In the wake of rising food prices, government has added another blow to consumers by imposing duty on milk imports effective April.

The duty was initially supposed to effect on March 18 but due to some delays it effected in April.

Following several months of milk shortage, shelves became full and prices dropped sharply, reaching P7.50 per litre in some stores, but currently the prices for imported milk had been increased due to import duty. The UHT milk cost 9.95 per liter in some stores.

Speaking in an interview Principal Scientific Officer-Dairy, Mr Lebane Ntlhoiwa, said the government decided to impose a 20 per cent import duty on Ultra-Heat Temperature (UHT) processed milk such as Ultra Mel and Super Milk to protect the infant dairy industry in Botswana.

He said other milk types were only affected by the normal 10 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT).

Mr Ntlhoiwa said the protection was expected to be lifted after eight years because that was the time the government thought the local company would have established itself.

We are therefore expecting to find more sales for local milk because the prices are lower than [continue reading]

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